Located on Mekong River Delta, Tra Vinh Province (Tỉnh Trà Vinh) borders Ben Tre, Vinh Long provinces on the north, Soc Trang province on the west, and East Sea on the east with 65km seaside. Here is one of places About Vietnam has a high economy in my country.Topography includes coastal plain, alluvial deposits, hundreds of mounds and sand caves, a complex network of rivers and canals. 
Tra Vinh is on tropical monsoon region. The weather is hot around the year. The dry season lasts from December to April. The rainy season is between May and November. Annual average temperature is 260C. 

Tourism and Economy:

Surrounded by Tien and Hau rives and long coast, Tra Vinh's economy base on agriculture, aquaculture, fish and shrimp breeding. The province is covered by verdant plants in garden village along bank of river. 

Ba Om Pond is an attraction of Tra Vinh. It is surrounded by hillocks and many old sao and dautrees with odd shape of roots. In the afternoon, flocks of birds perch on the trees and make this area exciting and noisy. 

There are 140 pagodas of Khmer, 50 pagodas of Viet (Kinh) and 5 pagodas of Hoa. The famous ones include Ang, Sam-rong-ek, Co, Hang. Co Pagoda is home of thousands of birds including storks, Cong coc and pigeons. 

When talking about the specialty food in Tra Vinh. Visitors will mention immediately Vinh Kim dried shrimp and Tra Vinh glutinous rice cake (Bánh Tét) . Vinh Kim dried shrimp has been a well-known brand of Tra Vinh for a long time. It has become a special gift for giving to the loved one; especially they are purchased highly during Luna New Year. Even the price is quite high which is nearly 700,000VND/kg for the best one; they are purchased in high quantities.
Bánh Tét
Tra Vinh glutinous rice cake (Bánh Tét) is a traditional food there. This rice cake is made by a secret way that have more delectable tasty than others. It also brings a memories home for people who living away home for a long time.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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