Next is one more of Vietnamese Street Food which is located on Southern Area – Cà Mau. It is Fish Paste Hotpot (Lẩu Mắm). The main ingredients of fish paste hotpot U Minh is colorful fish (but not as tasty sauce). Mắm (Fish Paste) was carefully bone combs, sweet tasting powder, sugar to taste and place in pot.
To flavor it adds a little finely chopped lemongrass leaf; lemon grass pounded the base for the soup. In order to have the fat water soup, fragrant and compare it to the cow instead of sugar and some milk. Sauce pot with a variety of meat or fish you like. But U Minh certain fish soup must be cooked with the fish.  The most delicious are eel, gizzard perch, catfish, snakehead fish big or White. Such a best Vietnamese Street Food so far.
In addition to fish, fish paste soup can be added crab meat, snails’ strabismus, and bacon. But the most interesting thing to eat fish hotpot is very much enjoying the vegetables. Fish hot pot dishes are gathered wild vegetables most. May be it is true to say that there is no food in the world to be served as soup with vegetables and sauce.
In particular, this Vietnamese Street Food cannot refuse incineration, the vegetables, label love, gun cotton, vegetables, aircraft grade vegetable ... The food will taste: sweet, fleshy, sour, astringent, bitter, spicy, of many, many vegetables available in the U Minh region.

Fish hot pot has become indispensable in many luxury restaurants in the country. Processing principle is the same. However, each of which has a difference by using any kind of meat, fish and vegetables that used to eat together with the style of the home territory. But, whether you are a country, but the fish hot pot party at U Minh forest will certainly be residual taste, simplicity and kill skin unforgettable.

This Vietnamese Street Food that I had a chance to enjoy them for a short tour trip. Hope you like this article and come to there to enjoy them, I think it would be a fantastic choice for you. Have a nice day.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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