Like many other Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, Mung Bean with Pumpkin Sweet Soup (Chè Đậu Xanh Bí Đỏ) is really fresh and good for health. Mung Bean is really fresh; it can help you reduce the heat inside your body. Moreover, pumpkin is good for brain as well. My mom usually said that it can help my memory is better, especially before any examination.
Mung Bean and Pumpkin Sweet Soup (Chè Đậu Xanh Bí Đỏ)
If you like to cook this dish for your family, especially your kids, please follow our instructions below carefully to create one of spectacular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.


1 Small pumpkin (300 – 400gr)
120ml Mung Bean (No Cover)
2 -3 Jelly’s ear mushroom
Sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of pumpkin. Clean and slice small.

Step 2: Clean Mung Bean, soak into water about 15 minutes.
Step 3: Soak jelly’s ear mushroom into water about 15 minutes, clean again and slice thinly.
Step 4: Please make sure you follow this step exactly to cook one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes more delicious. Pour mung bean into pot, then add more water (3 times the volume of mung bean). Cook with small heat until it becomes soft. Next, you add sliced pumpkin into pot and cook until it turns soft as well.
Step 5: Add more sliced jelly’s ear mushroom into pot. Season with sugar + salt to suit your flavor.

Finally, your dish is ready to serve. How do you think? It is amazing, right? I hope you like this recipe. Moreover, you can cook for your kids, it is really good for them. And they will love eating as well. Next time, I will show other delicious dishes about Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for you. Good Luck for your Cooking.

Mung Bean with Pumpkin Sweet Soup (Chè Đậu Xanh Bí Đỏ)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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