There are many Vietnamese sandwich recipes in Vietnam. One of popular recipes is Vietnamese Sandwich with Meat Balls. This dish is the mixture between Eastern and Western. It is born from Vietnamese Culture, including many quintessence and ways to process. Today, I will show you how to make this delicious and popular sandwich.
Ingredients for Meat balls

1kg grinded pork
3 branches of sliced garlic
Fried Onion, Spring Onion (Only use white parts)
1 Cassava Fruit (220gr), sliced it small
1 egg, 2 table spoons sugar, 2/3 table spoons fish sauce, 1 tea spoon salt, 1 tea spoon pepper and olive oil.

Ingredient for Ketchup

3 branches of sliced garlic
4 table spoons basic ketchup
2 tomatoes, and sliced it small
2 cup (500ml) water
1 tea spoon salt
2 table spoons fish sauce
3 tea spoons sugar

Ingredients when eating with sandwich

4 crispy Vietnamese sandwich
½ pinch coriander
1 sliced long pieces cucumber
Carrot, Green Papaya, mixed them with a little vinegar and sugar.
Chili Sauce or Fresh Chili (Optional)


Step 1: Mix grinded pork with sliced small garlic, fried onion, sliced small spring onion, egg, sugar, salt, fish sauce, pepper and sliced small cassava into big bowl. Please follow carefully this step, it will create a stunning main ingredients for Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes.
Step 2: Roll the mixture into balls with diameter about 4 cm
Step 3: Put a little olive oil into pan, wait to boil and put meat balls to fry until its color turns brown yellow. And now turn off the heat.
Remember, you just need to cook until the surface of meat balls is firm.
Step 4: In another pan, put a little olive oil and sliced garlic into pan, fry garlic till its turns yellow. Add sliced small tomatoes and cook until it is soft. After that, add more ketchup, fish sauce, water, sugar, salt and pepper into pan. Cook about 5 minutes and put meat balls into mixture, and continue cooking about 25 minutes with medium heat.
Step 5: Taste it again and suit with your flavor. Turn off the heat, use with hot rice or Vietnamese Sandwich is all delicious.
To sum up, it is rather similar with recipes of Chinese. However, Vietnamese Meal Balls is stewed with ketchup made from Western. Therefore, it helps the flavor of ketchup to absorb into meal balls. But it still keeps the traditional Vietnamese flavor when it has the crispy from cassava fruit. This dish is one of popular Vietnamese sandwich recipes, and it is used in daily meals of people in Vietnam. Moreover, this dish is one of best famous food o f the World.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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