From many stunning Vietnamese Soup Recipes, today I decide to introduce one delicious soup to you. With this dish, you can eat in rainy days or hot days is still good. Its name is Chayote Soup with Chicken. Many Vietnamese people usually cook this soup for their families, especially for kids. Easy to eat and easy to cook.
Chayote Soup with Chicken - Canh Su Su Nau Ga
If you like chicken soup, you should try to cook it at least once time. There are 4 steps to create Chayote Soup with Chicken which comes from many delicious Vietnamese Soup Recipes. Moreover, you just need about 30 minutes to cook.


- 100gr chicken (can be chicken thigh)
- 1 Chayote
- 1 Carrot
- Salt
- Seasoning - Maggi's stuff or Sugar + Salt + Pepper + Monosodium (optional)
- Scallions.


Step 1: Wash the chicken. Slice the chicken to small pieces (If you want, you can remove the chicken skin and bone). Then, marinate it with sauce. Wait about 10 minutes.
Step 2: Wash the chayote. Slice it and carrot to small pieces. Next, wash the scallion and thinly slice it.
Step 3: Add about 600 ml water into a pot. Next, add the chicken. Boil the water about 10 minutes. Add seasoning and salt into the pot. This step is important to create any stunning dish from Vietnamese Soup Recipes.
Step 4: Add the sliced carrots into the pot. Continue boil the water until the carrots cooked. Next, add the chayote into the pot. Boil about 3-4 minutes. Add more sauce. Season to suit your flavor. Turn of the stove and ladle the soup to the bowl.
Finally, You care ready to serve this dish. You can eat the soup with rice. Sometime this soup can use with the bread. Moreover, the chicken soup is good for your health. Chayote contains some vitamins which necessary for health. This dish will make your meal become more wonderful. So, are you ready to cook? Hope you like it and do not forget to visit our website to see more dishes about Vietnamese Soup Recipes. See you next time.  

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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