Phan Rang now have a wide variety of vast green vineyards and gradually grows as an interesting tourist spot. If you’re wondering what are the things to do in Vietnam, just try a trip to Phan Rang and find a vineyard to enjoy a day.

Picking grapes in Phan Rang city
Picking grapes in Phan Rang city
In the past every time a train goes through the areas of Phan Rang, Thap Cham; looking at those beautiful vineyards under the blazing sun of Ninh Thuan, I wish someday I will be walking alone in those vineyards and eating grapes till I am full...

Once, it was a difficult time, people in Vietnam can only eat Ninh Thuan grapes – these grapes has a light purple colour and extremely sour; if we’re lucky we can have a few sweet bunches.

Going to Phan Rang, we decided to go to the vineyards. Hence, after visiting Thap Cham, we asked the local people there and were advised to visit uncle Ba Mọi’s vineyard in Hiep Hoa village, Phuoc Thuan, Ninh Phuoc and put a tick in our list of things to do in Vietnam.

In Ninh Thuan, majority of people now growing green grapes instead of red grapes, red blue violet purple like the old days. There are still areas that have purple red grapes but not much because of the low economic efficiency so as to go on the road to VinhHy Bay I noticed the entire vineyard is all green grapes.

Not far away from Cham Towers, just crossing a bridge and following the winding dirt path covered with bright red Poinciana trees, the vineyard lies next to a green rice field.

Picking grapes in Phan Rang city
Grapes are picked and eaten right in the garden.

According to uncle Ba Mọi, grapes season is around March, April; people can come, visit to take photographs all day (it is also an interesting activity to add to your list of things to do in Vietnam). All plants in his vineyard are not sprayed with anything so it is perfectly safe to eat right after picking them. We were allowed to pick up grapes, apples and then enjoyed grape syrup, fantastic wine made by him and his family.

Because the quality and quantity of Ninh Thuan grapes is still finding a way to catch up with Australia or US grapes, its price is very cheap (just around 60,000 VND per kilogram).

Picking grapes in Phan Rang city
Picking grapes in Phan Rang city

Finally, if you are seeking for a cheap but meaningful journey, look it up with our key words things to do in Vietnam and you can find many suggestions written on website. We hope that we could help you to list out and plan a wonderful trip in Vietnam.

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