As I promised, this post I will continue to introduce more Best Vietnamese Food in Can Tho Province for all you guys. Now, together we will discover more interesting food in this place before planning to visit it, ok? The next food i want to tell is:
5. Vietnamese Cong Cakes (Bánh cóng):
Best Food in Can Tho Province (Part 2)
It usually uses with Vietnamese Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls (Banh Cuon). But, with gourmets, they always want to eat only Cong Cakes. It will create a stunning flavor in their mouth. Using with vegetable and dipping fish sauce in rainy days is never better. Read more about Bánh Cóng if you want to know how to cook it at home .

6. Rice Spaghetti with Pork skin (Bánh tằm bì):

Best Food in Can Tho Province (Part 2)
This recipe is very famous in the South of Vietnam and definitely well deserved to be on the list of Best Vietnamese Food. Its taste is special: the rice spaghetti is steamed and served with clear fish sauce, coconut milk, vegetables, bean sprouts & pickled vegetable. If you like, a little bit of Stir fried spring onions with fat (Mỡ hành) would be enchanted.

7. Phong Điền’s Rice vermicelli with roasted pork (Bánh hỏi - heo quay Phong Điền):

Best Food in Can Tho Province (Part 2)
Rice vermicelli is used as side dish when eating roasted pork and served with herbs, fish sauce and sweet & sour soya sauce. It depends on the region that the local people may have a touch on the recipe to adjust the taste.

8. Vietnamese Crepes (Bánh Xèo Việt Nam):

Best Food in Can Tho Province (Part 2)
As it has been introduced before by Vietnamese Food Team, this recipe is absolutely on our list of Best Vietnamese Food. Here is also the most popular food in this province as well. Get this recipe about Vietnamese Crepe right here if you want to discover the true specific flavour of Vietnamese people.

9. Apple Mangrove Hot Pot in PhùSa (Lẩu bần Phù Sa):

Best Food in Can Tho Province (Part 2)
This dish can be served at any seasons even though its season has not arrived yet because the local restaurants there know how to extract the juice from the Apple Mangrove. If you want to have a delicious hot pot, the fish should be carefully selected also but depends on the season, you can be flexible to substitute the fish with many kinds such as: shark catfish, eeltail catfish, Taiwan tilapia, etc.

So how do you think of our 9 dishes in Best Vietnamese Food section? Some of the dishes have been introduced before by Vietnamese Food Team and here it is classified as one our most favourite recipes in Can Tho Province. If you have a chance to visit Can Tho Province, remember to try these special dishes, take photos of them and share with us on our sites.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Priscila 2015-02-23 13:44:17 Reply

    The food looks wonderful (mouth wniertag) and Seattle is a great town to visit. FR is a lucky girl.I hope she gets a chance to go downtown to Pike's market and see the fish fly and maybe get a pic with Pork'n Beans!

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    Josiene 2015-02-25 07:46:39 Reply

    Mr. & Mrs. Harvell - Thank you for posting the ptucires, although we were unable to make it in person we were there in spirit, Archie and Harville family our hearts go out to you. These are such beautiful ptucires and the photographer really capture

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    Denis 2015-02-25 14:10:05 Reply

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