Today, we will together discover one Best Vietnamese Food in Vietnamese Meal. It is Pan Fried Fish with Leek Sauce (Cá Chiên Sốt Tỏi Tây). Plain fried fish is a common fare in Vietnamese home. With a simple seasoning of salt, fish like mackerel and prom fret is fried and eaten as it is for its natural sweet taste. Problem is, sometimes you cannot finish the fish in one meal and you need to re-fry it for the next meal.
Re-frying makes the fish meat tough and less appealing. One of the ways to overcome this would be to cook some form of sauce to “soften” the fried fish. Of course, you can always use fresh fish fried for the first time and cook it this way so that the fish is not overly dry. 
The first step of making this Best Vietnamese Food is choosing the fresh fish and then cut many block of fish. Over here, we used a portion of snapper. As for the leek, it imparts sweetness to the dish and is good chewing as it is quite tender by the time the whole dish is cooked. Give it a try.
Marinade fish for 30 minutes with salt. Give it a quick rinse thereafter and deep/shallow fry in wok till cooked. Remove and place on plate.
Clean wok and heat it for a while and then heat up 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil. Next you can add Sauté ginger, leeks and chili till ginger starts to brown. Add some water (about 4 tablespoons or more) and bring to boil. Add light soya sauce and sugar to taste and cook leeks till desired softness. Add water if sauce is too dry to your liking. It is the end of making this Best Vietnamese Food.

To sum up, pour sauce over fried fish and serve hot with steaming white rice. There is no word to explain the delicious flavor of this combination. This Best Vietnamese Food will satisfy the every diner even the hard one. Eating with boiled rice and hot soup is a perfect way to feel the true specific flavor in Vietnamese Meals.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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