If you are looking for a delicious pork recipe which tastes sweet and hot, Stewed Chili Pork (Heo Hầm Ớt) might just be what you are looking for. This one is one of Best Vietnamese Food. Using dried chilies for a fiery taste and dark soya sauce, this dish is guaranteed to whet your appetite and make you ask for second helpings of rice. Best of all, it is a simple dish to cook and can be attempted by a beginner.
I use pork belly for this recipe due to the texture of this part of the meat. Containing layers of fat and meat, each bite will give you a nice blend of slightly chewy meat in contrast with the smooth fat. No, it is not that healthy to be consuming this dish but once a fortnight or month should be fine. Again, just like the other recipes on this site, you do not have to follow all the measurements of ingredients to the dot.
If you like this Best Vietnamese Food getting spicier, add more dried chilies or vice versa. Most of all, cook this and be blown away by its tastiness! Highly recommended! Heat the work for a while and then adding the oil and sauté dried chili with garlic till aromatic.
Before garlic turns brown, add sliced pork and stir well. Add sugar and dark soya sauce. Once pork is cooked on outer side, add water gradually (ensure that water continues to boil) followed by salt, pepper and Chinese cooking wine. It is then end of making this Best Vietnamese Food.
Finally, cook till gravy reduced before dishing up. Now you can serve this Best Vietnamese Food and enjoy it. This dish is quite good in the cold day. Hope you have a good time when eating it with your family. Have a nice day, everyone.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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