Today, in the menu About Vietnam, I will introduce about Dak Nong Province (Tỉnh Dak Nong) which is located on Central Highlands. It is surrounded by Dak Lak Province on the north, Lam Dong Province on the east and south-east, Binh Phuoc Province and Cambodia on the west. Dak Nong has even and flat terrain with vast plain and plenty of grasslands on the east. The south is flood plain with many lakes and lagoons. There are main rivers such as Ba, Serepok, other small rivers, and high waterfalls.

The weather is quite temperate. The average temperature is 240C. The dry season extends from November to April following year. It is windy, cold and dry. The rainy season lasts from May to October with high amount of rainfall.

Tourism and Economy:

Dak Nong has flat cultivated surface, mainly bazan. So the province has the advantage for industrial tree especially coffee tree. By there, the traditional culture of ethnic groups is diversified and distinct.

Dak Nong is suitable for tourists who like discovering superb natural fall scenery. Coming to Dray Nur Waterfall, one can hear the murmur sound of its flow from afar, and coming nearer, the sound becomes roaring. In Gia Long Waterfall, the flow is much smoother. Its stream does not flock into one side but gently passes through stones, tree roots and then runs to rivers. Apart of that, let save your time to visit Dray Sap Waterfall (Misty Waterfall), Ba Tang, and Dieu Thanh waterfalls.
Dak Nong has many wildlife foods that lure the big number of visitors coming there. They are Lam rice, sour bamboo shoots, Asian redtail catfish, bitter aubergine and jungle’s leaves hot pot. Each of them has a special tasty that you cannot find out in the city. For example, Lam rice is rice which is cooked in the bamboo. You can eat Lam Rice (Cơm Lam) without eating with any food due to the it has the salty of salt, the smell  and the tasty of bamboo.
Lam Rice (Cơm Lam)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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