Do you known there is one tree that you even burn or cut it, it still grow up? This immortal tree is Le Bamboo. It is also the main ingredient to make many Best Vietnamese Food. It belongs to bamboo style. It lives and spread strongly on Bazan’s lane (one of best fertile lane in Vietnam). On the way finding the lane to plant, Tây Nguyên residents do not afraid of predators or somethings, however they are really afraid of Le Bamboo’s forest. It seems to there is no way to destroy it instead of digging all of their roots up. In Tây Nguyên, the value of Le Bamboo is only bamboo shoot.
Fresh Le bamboo shoot is really delicious, but the fried Le bamboo shoot is much better. Coming to the village and is served the one meal include rice, Le bamboo shot with deer meat is the best serving of local residents to the visitors. The Best Vietnamese Food like Le Bamboo make this combination is wonderful and the diners will hardly forget the taste. However there is one great concern of the existence of this bamboo shoot in near future. On rainy season, the number of bamboo shoot’s market increase rapidly.
You may see one Le Bamboo Shoot’s market in previous year, but it might be three or four in next year. It could cause by the illegal destroying forest of people not only the local one but also the others. If this destroying continues occur, the Le Bamboo shoot will no longer exist. The numbers of this Best Vietnamese Food rise rapidly, but people eating it are limit. So, the fried Le bamboo shoot is accumulating year by year. I saw someone throw them into garbage; it is really a wasteful thing that I viewed.
To sum up, Le bamboo shoot is one Best Vietnamese Food and it is in danger due to the illegal destroying forest rising sharply. On one day, this food may no longer exist, so if you come to Vietnam, especially come to Tây Nguyên, you should quickly enjoy it. Hope you have a happy trip in my country. See you.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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