From many Easy Vietnamese recipes, many international friends told me that they really love Vietnamese Dippding Fish Sauce (Nuoc Cham). They really want to learn how to make it. It seems a guared family secret because each Vietnamese family has a different way to create it. And this is how vital this golden elixir feigns in Vietnamese Food. Like how olive oil is to the Italians, Red wine is to the French, Ketchup is to French Fries and Fish sauce is to the Vietnamese.
One of the very basic staples to make one of delicious and Easy Vietnamese recipes of fish sauce is the dipping fish sauce that can be used as a dip for spring rolls, as a dressing for noodles and rice or as a marinade for grilled meat. It is like magic when you take fish sauce, mix it with a little lime, garlic and chili. Fish sauce in it is pure form them becomes a little softer, subdued and more manageable on the palette. It then becomes the dip what Vietnamese call, Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce (Nuoc Cham).

It is used to accompany various Vietnamese dishes. Often called Dipping sauce (Nuoc cham), Mixed fish sauce (Nuoc mam pha, Sweet and sour fish sauce (Nuoc mam chua ngot). There are many variations of Fish sauce, but it all starts off from the basic Fish Sauce.
Now, I will show you how to make basic Vietnamese Dipping  Fish Sauce (Nuoc Cham), one of popular and easy Vietnamese recipes, to eat with Vietnamese Food. This secret is from recipe of my mother.


- 1 bowl Water
- 2/3 bowl Fish Sauce
- 1/2 Sugar
- 5 pieces Garlic, peeled
- Red Chillis (Depend on you)

1) Use knife to chop garlic and red chillis together. Do not use mortar because it can make the mixture muddies.
2) Cook water and sugar to boil and after that pour fish sauce in the mixture and cook more 5 minutes. Taste it and adjust with your flavor
3) Turn off the heat, waiting for the mixture less hot about 5 to 10 minutes.
4) After that put chillis and garlin into the mixture and stir regularly.
5) After the Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce is not hot anymore, put it into the bottle and store in fridge to use.

Do not use Mortal to crush the garlic and Chillis.
- Use different spoons between scooping and using one if you want to save the good quality for it.
- If you want to eat with a little sour, after scoop this sauce to bowl, you can use lemon.
Through this post, I hope I can help you get more experiences about Vietnamese cooking, especially Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce (Nuoc Cham). Moreover, it can bonus the sauce to your Vietnam Spring Rolls or any Vietnamese Food needs this sauce, one of delicious and Easy Vietnamese recipes. Good luck to you.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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