Fried Glutinous Rice Balls (Bánh Cam) is one of popular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes of young people in our country. It also can becomes a breakfast with soya milk. Moreover, this cake is really cheap. With 1$ you can buy about 12 cakes. How amazing it is. However, if you still have not a chance to visit Vietnam, you can make it at home. It is not difficult as you thought.
Fried Glutinous Rice Balls (Bánh Cam)
With this cake, you can make like a snack for your kids. I bet they will love it. If you are ready, please follow our instructions below carefully to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for your beloved family.


*** For Cake Skin:
200gr glutinous rice flour
8gr rice flour
100gr water
60gr sugar
1 boiled potato, smashed
Vegetable oil, salt, sesame.

*** For Stuffing:
100gr Mung Bean (no cover), soaked into warm water about 1 hours
Sugar, salt
50gr dried coconut meat, grinded.


Before making one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, I want to say again that you should not neglect when cooking if you want to create a stunning dessert for your family.

Step 1: For Cake Skin: Mix 60gr sugar + 1 teaspoon salt in water, stir well. Next, mix it with glutinous rice flour + rice flour together.Then, add grinded potato into mixture of flour, and knead well. Wait about 1 – 2 hours. I suggest when waiting this step finish, you can make the stuffing process.

Step 2: For Stuffing: Bring Mung bean to steam. Remember, you must add 1 teaspoon salt before steaming. Next, grind well. Next, add 1 bowl water into pot, add more ½ tablespoon sugar + 1 teaspoon salt and stir well. When water boils, pour grinded mung bean into pot and continue stir with small heat. Do not stop when frying. Fry about 5 minutes, add more grinded dried coconut meat and fry more 10 minutes. Then, turn off the heat. Separate mung bean into small balls equally.
Step 3: After 2 hours, you separate mixture flour in step 1 into small balls. The quality equals with mung bean’s one. Each small ball of flour, use your hands press thinly and add mung bean (in step 2) in center. Cover it. Do the same process with other ones. Pour sesame on plate, apply them around each balls.

Step 4: Pour vegetable oil in pan, wait to hot, add rice balls and fry until they turn yellow.
Finally, you finished one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. In morning, when I can see this cake for my breakfast, it can make my day more beautiful. And I bet you will as well. Hope you like this dessert and do not miss our other stunning recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking.
Fried Glutinous Rice Balls (Bánh Cam)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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