Most Vietnamese people have many Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Each family has their own secrets to cook. Today, I will show you the way to cook Red Bean with Black Agar Sweet Soup. The taste of Red Bean is really meaty and delicious. Black agar is also fragile and fresh. Moreover, the first water of coconut is very tasty. This dish will be your favorite sweet soup ever.
Red Bean with Black Agar Sweet Soup is one of popular Vietnamese Desert recipes for cooking and eating. Young Vietnamese People usually orders this dessert when they hang out with friends or family.


-300gr red beans
-15gr White agar flour
-15gr Black agar flour
-1 bowl white sugar
-300ml first water of coconut
-1tsp corn flour, ½ tsp salt, 2tsps sugar
-Peanut (Depend on you)


Step 1: Clean red beans, curtail bad quality beans. Add more water into pot and keep waiting over night.
Step 2: Next day, red beans after are soaked, put into another pot and add more cold water. Remember that you should pour water into the pot until it touches the surface of red beans. Wait until it boils. I suggest that you should not close the pot when cooking. Its water will be blur if you cover it. Most Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish require the same way.

Step 3: You can try some beans to decide it is soft or not yet. After that, put more 2 cold water bowls, ½ sugar bowl and use the medium heat to cook.
Step 4: Taste it and adjust the flavor you like. Next, turn off the heat and scoop into a bowl, wait to get cold.

Step 5: Put white agar flour into the pot, add more 600ml cold water, using the small heat to cook. Do not forget to stir frequently. Do not stop until it is cooked. When you see the flour is melted all, put ½ white sugar bowl into the pot and continue to stir. After that, pour it into another clean bowl, wait to coagulates and cut to small and long pieces. You do the same process with black agar.
Same process with making white agar 
Step 6: You fry peanut until the color turns yellow, peel the cover and smash it.
Step 7: Put the first water of coconut, corn flour, sugar and ½ tsp salt into the pot and cook with medium heat. Cook it until the mixture is viscid. Wait to get cold and put into the fridge.
Now, you can finish one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. When using, you put red beans into glass, add more white, black agar, mixture of coconut and smashed peanut. If you want it is cold, you can put ice into glass, mix up and use it. Hope you can make it easy and Good luck.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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