Today I will share one of Vietnamese Dish Recipes which is my favorite in hot days. It is Shallot and Tofu with Meat Soup. Shallot is very useful in treating cough, if your friends or family get cough, difficult to use medicine, you can cook this soup for them.
Shallot and Tofu with Meat Soup.
Shallot and tofu soup is the suitable for all season. This one of delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes is good for health of people. I recommend that you should try to use or cook it when you get cough or when you need a dish with a delicious flavor for your nutrition meals.

Now we will share you all the recipe to cook this stunning dish. Let follow us now.


- 200g pork meat, grind them together
- 300g shallots
- Leeks, scallions
- Salt, MSG and pepper.


*** Step 1: Preparation (you must be carefully with this step to make one of Vietnamese Dish Recipes more delicious)

- Grind pork meat seasoned with salt and pepper, and put all of them in a bowl.
- Shallot wash and cut into pieces.
- Tofu cut into small pieces.
*** Step 2: Cooking

- Take pot on the stove, fried leeks until fragrant, pour the meat into pot, stir around. When meat is cooked and permeability, poured cold water on pot, and boil.
When meat is soft, tasting, pour tofu into pot quickly, wait boil again. Add shallots and chopped scallions into pot.  Turn off the stove.
To conclude, you have done an amazing dish already. Ladle them into bowl, sprinkle chopped cilantro and peppers on the surface of bowl for decoration as well as improve the flavor of this delicious soup. Serve shallot and tofu soup with steamed rice and some others Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Hope you have a good meal. Good luck with your cooking.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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