Papaya soup with pig bone is the most nutrition Vietnamese Dish Recipes. There is nothing better than having a delicious papaya soup to help cooling down your body in these hot days. This delicious dish is also used for patient who need more energy from nutrition food, this dish certainly help to recover people’s strength.
Our recipes today will guide you how to cook one of  nutrition Vietnamese Dish Recipes which is good for you and also your family‘s health. Let us try to cook it now.


Pig bone (or pork)
Some ripening papaya (but still hard): has it peeled, cut the fruit into blocks that have the right size to eat.
Chopped cilantro
Fish sauce

Step 1.Clean the pig bones with some hot water, then put the bones into one pot, flooded them with water, add some salt and pepper.
- Cover the pot, cook them till the boiling point, and then open the lid, lower the heat rate and cook them for 20 minutes with a small heat rate to get the bone broth. (This step is very important for creating one of delicious Vietnamese Dishes Recipes. Please take more effort on it).
Step 2. Put all the papaya blocks into the pot; cook them another 10 minutes and then season the soup with some fish sauce. Turn off the heat, put in some chopped cilantro for decoration.
Small tips:

To have a clear broth, the cook needs to take out the dirty foam that will float on the surface during the cooking.
To sum up, you finished one of nutrition Vietnamese Dishes Recipes for your family and friends. How is it? It is easy, right? Ladle papaya soup into bowl, and serve with steamed rice and some stock dishes such as fish stock or pork stock. It’s more delicious when using this nutrition dish with your whole family, every member gather around to enjoy a delicious and nutrition dish. How wonderful it is! Good luck with your cooking .

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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