Came back from one trip in Danang City, I recognized another stunning dish from Vietnamese Dish recipes. It is Fried Rice with Salty Fish. It is most popular dish in this city. One waiter introduced me that I should eat it when I visit this beautiful area. First look, it is normal like other dishes. However, when I tasted it, its flavor was so amazing. And I can not forget it.
Moreover, my friends asked me to teach them how to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Dish recipes in Middle Area, Vietnam. So today, I decide to show its recipe for you guys to cook.


200gr dried salty king fish (Mackerel)
200gr chicken meat
2 bowls rice
½ cabbage
4 tblsp olive oil (corn oil)
1 tsp pepper
100gr minced garlic
2 tblsp chicken powder (Bot Ga)
1 carrot and 100gr french beans (Dau Co Ve) (Optional).


Step 1: Clean dried salty king fish (Mackerel), then soak in hot water through 1 night or at least 4 hours before cooking. For buying Ingredients for Vietnamese Dish recipes, you can go to Vietnam markets to buy for sure. Moreover, they can help you if you do not really know what exactly ingredients for recipes.
Step 2: After dried salty king fish (Mackerel) becomes soft, tear it to long and small pieces. And wait to get cold in basket.

Step 3: Clean chicken meat, slice to small pieces, then marinate with 1 tblsp chicken powder, pepper and minced garlic.
Step 4: Clean cabbage, then slice to long and small pieces.
Step 5: Clean rice, then add 1 tblsp chicken powder + pepper + olive oil into pot. And cook it.
*** My Tips: If you love vegetable like me, you can add carrot and french beans into rice when cooking it. Before add into rice, slice them into small pieces for easy eating.
Step 6: Use high heat, add olive oil and minced garlic into pan, fry until its color turns yellow, then quickly add dried fried king fish, chicken meat into pan. Fry about 10 minutes, then add boiled rice into pan. After 5 minutes, finally add more sliced cabbage, mix them with medium heat.
Finally, here it is. One of stunning Vietnamese Dish recipes is already finished. Add some cilantro on the face of dish to make more colorful and increase the flavor. It is easy, right? Eating this dish with hot soup bowl in cold days is so amazing. Hope you like it and Good Luck.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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