In traditional Vietnamese festivals, there are many stunning Vietnamese Dish recipes. One of important festivals is Mid-Autumn. As you know, there have many kinds of Cakes in this festival as Traditional Baking Moon Cakes (Banh Trung Thu Nuong) and Soft ones (Banh Trung Thu Deo). Today, I will show you the new way for making Moon Cake with main ingredient is Agar. These cakes will look like Soft ones. However it is less sweet, so you will feel more appetites.

*** Cover of Moon Cakes:

25gr agar flour, 2 liters water
400gr sugar, Condensed Milk.

*** Filling of Moon Cakes:

1kg green bean without cover
1kg sugar, ½ small bowl olive oil
200gr sliced squashjams
200gr sliced gingerjams
200gr watermelon seeds
200gr white sesame seeds
Some drops essential oil of pomelo
15-20 yolks of salted Eggs.
Process: Making Agar Moon Cakes, one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes:

Step 1: Boil green beans in water until they are soft.

Step 2: After that, you use a big spoon to mash them all. Then, add a little sugar into mixture and stir frequently. This process requires about 15 mins.

Step 3: Most important step making filling of Moon cakes is add more ½ small bowl into the mixture and cook it with small heat.

Step 4: Next, add sliced gingerjams, squashjams, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds and some drops of essential oil of pomelo into mixture and turn off the heat.

Step 5: Separate the mixture to 15 – 20 scoops, in the central of each scoops, add 1 steamed yolk salted egg.

Step 6: With the cover of agar moon cakes, soak agar flour in 2 liters water about 15 minutes. Then, boil it till the the agar water turns transparently. Reduce to small heat and add all sugar and condensed milk into the mixture. Cook more 15 minutes.
Step 7: Arrange Cake Molds in the way you can pour the mixture into them easily. Each cake mold, you pour a halt of mold. Then wait until the haft mixure is nearly thick, you add a scoop of mashed green bean in the central and pour continue mixure to fill the molds.
Step 8: The final step of Agar Moon Cakes, one of stunning Vietnamese Dish recipes is wait the mixture into cake mold get cold. Next, put them out the molds. . And you can serve it to your family now.
However, instead of using Green Bean with seeds, you can use fruits if you love it.
How do you feel about this recipe? Easy, right? Most Vietnamese Dish recipes are not hard like many people thought. If you have basic cooking knowledge, it can not make you feel stress when you cook them. Vietnamese Mid-Autumn is coming soon, I hope you will choose this recipe to cook for your family, especially your kids. They will love it. Good Luck and Happy Festival.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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