One of my favourite Vietnamese Soup recipes is purple yam soup with grinded pork. Eating with one hot rice bowl is so amazing, especially in cold days. I bet if you have family and kids, your children will love it.
Today, from many requests of my friends, I will show the basic way to create one of stunning Vietnamese Soup recipes to you. Please follow these ingredients and steps creafully.


500gr Purplr Yam
200gr Grinded Pork
300gr Shrimps
Pinch of rice paddy herb and saw-leaf herb
2 cloves of spring onion
1 clove of garlic
Pepper, salt, monosodium
Fish Sauce.


*** Prepare:

Purple Yam: Peel off the cover, clean it. Next, mince it until get smooth.
Spring Onion: Slice and separate white and greem parts.
Garlic: Peel off the cover, and mince it
Herbs: Clean, slice small.
Shrimp: Peel off the cover, pull out the black lines, clean with cold water with a little salt. Mince it with pork, then add sliced white part of spring onion + minced garlic. Marinate salt + sugar + monosodium into mixture of pork and shrimp, then continue mince mixture until it becomes more tough.
*** Cooking:

- Boil 6 cups pf water.

- Use spoon, soak into cold water and scoop each mixture of shrimp and pork, put into pot. (Continue for this process, sometime soak your spoon into cold water).

- Cooking about 5 – 10 minutes, pour purple yam into pot. Wait until it boils and add salt + sugar + monosodium + fish sauce to suit with your flavor. Turn off the heat.
Finnaly, you finished one of delicious Vietnamese Soup recipes. Scoop it into big bowl, add sliced of spring onion (green part) + saw leaf herb + rice paddy on the face of soup. Using when it is hot with rice will give you a strong flavor in mouth which you can not forget. Good Luck for your Cooking.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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