One of Vietnamese Soup recipes which can help you feels more comfortable successfully is Green Squash Soup with Pork and Shrimp stuffing. When you eat this dish, all exhaustions from working and studying will go away. Today, I will give you the recipe to cook this delicious dish.

1 Green Squash
200gr grinded pork
100gr shrimp
1 pinch of vermicelli
Salt, sugar, spring onion and pepper.


Step 1: Clean Squash, peel the cover, and slice to short pieces.
Step 2: Clean Spring Onion, slice to small branches.
Step 3: Clean shrimps, peel the cover, use pestle to crush them. Most Vietnamese soup recipes which use shrimp to cook, do not grind shrimps because it will not adhesive together.
Step 4: Mix shrimps with grinded pork, add a little salt, sugar and pepper.
Step 5: Use spoon to exclude the corn of waxy pumpkin, and stuff the mixture of pork and shrimp into the corn.

Step 6: Put Squash and pour water into pot. Cook it till the soup boils. Taste it again to suit with your flavor. Add more sliced spring onion. We recommend that you should not use fish sauce because it can make the soup goes sour.
To sum up, there still have many other ways to cook this dish. However, this recipe is from my mother. Never feel bad about it. Vietnamese Soup recipes including Green Squash with Pork and Shrimp stuffing are required more details for cooking of any chef. I hope you will pleased with this recipe and Good Luck.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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