Sour soup with Shrimp and star fruit is one of popular Vietnamese Soup recipes. Star fruit is a popular fruit in Vietnam. It is not only for dessert, but also for main meals. The people in the Middle Area of Vietnam usually use star fruits to cook soup instead of tamarind. Today, I will show the way to cook this delicious soup for your family and friends.

-200gr shrimps with medium size
-1 star fruit
-1 tomato
-a pinch of basil and sage.
-1 to 2 grape leaves
-Spring Onion, salt, sugar, fish sauce, fried onion


Step 1: Clean shrimps and cut all legs, keep their covers.
Step 2: Clean star fruit, tomato. Next, slice star fruit and tomato to the shapes you want.
Step 3: Clean grape leaves and slice small. Do the same with basil and sage

Step 4: Next step, you fry spring onion with olive oil. After that pour shrimps into the pot and fry till color of shrimp turns pink. Then you put star fruit and tomato into as well and fry about 2 minutes. Please look carefully this step because it will create one of delicious Vietnamese Soup recipes for your family and friends.
Step 5: Add 2 water bowls into the pot, wait to boil and add 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp fish sauce, ½ tsp sugar. Taste it again and fix to suit your flavor.
Step 6: Turn off the heat and put some sage, spring onion, grapes leaves and basil to the pot. You should use when it is still hot. Scoop into big bowl and use with rice. Now you have one of amazing Vietnamese Soup recipes from us.
In addition, in summer, when weather goes hot, we all need some meals which can reduce stress, hot from our bodies. This dish is one of best choices for many people. We suggest you should try to eat and cook one of best Vietnamese Soup recipes for your famliy and friends at least once time. You will not regret about it.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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