Salmon contains a great acid omega 3 content. It helps to your mind better. And Salmon Fish Floss (Chà Bông Cá Hồi) which comes from many amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes is the dish I want to introduce to you all today. If you have kids, I think it is a great decision. Eating with hot white porridge is really amazing. I bet they will love it a lot. Moreover, you serve this food with sandwich and make it for your kids’ breakfast. It is really awesome.
Are you ready to make one of delicious Vietnamese Fish Recipes for your kids right now? When you do want, please follow our instruction below carefully and let us start cooking together.


2 big salmon slices (no bone)
Ginger, white wine
Salt, olive oil, sugar, pepper, scallion.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of ginger. Grind well. Mix with 1 – 2 teaspoons white wine. Clean fish carefully. Use your hand to rub well mixture of white wine and ginger on face of fish. Wait in 15 minutes and clean again.

Step 2: Bring fish to steam.
Step 3: After steamed, wait to get cold, use your hand to tear small fish meat into bowl. Throw away the bones if it has. Check carefully because you will make one of stunning Vietnamese Fish Recipes for your kids. If there still have bones, it will cause many dangerous for them.
Step 4: Use stone mortal and pour fish in step 3 and crush well.
Step 5: Heat the oil, fry minced scallion until it is fragrant. Add more fish in step 4 into pan and fry well. Use small heat in this step. Season with a little salt and sugar, do not stop stirring.
Step 6: Fry about 10 – 15 minutes, turn off the heat. Reduce the heat of this dish and pour into basket, use your hand to rub gently to make it floss.
Step 7: Once again pour this fish mixture into pan, fry in 10 – 15 minutes. Season again to suit your kid flavor. Use wood spoon to stir until fish meat is dried. Turn off the heat. This step is really important because if you fry too fast, fish meat is still moist and it can turn worse quality quickly. Wait to get cold and store into glass.
Finally, your dish is finished. Do you love it? It is really easy for making, right? You have many options to use with one of stunning Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this one like boiled rice, white porridge or sandwich. Hope you love it and Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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