Beside of the traditional Quảng Noodles, today I would like to introduce for you guys other Vietnamese Noodle Recipes. It is called Quảng Noodle Soup with Chicken.

Quảng Noodle Soup with Chicken (Mì Quảng Gà)
It is easy for cooking and you do not need to go out for enjoy one hot noodle soup. Trust me, you will totally fall in love with one of stunning Vietnamese Noodle Recipes especially in cool days.


8 chicken legs or 1 whole chicken
2 lemongrass cloves
1 bunch of chive fruits
1 teaspoon saffron powder
Peanut oil,  cashew color
4 boiled eggs
500ml chicken broth
Cilantro, roasted peanut, grilled sesame cracker
Quảng noodle
Herb leaves, baby cabbage
Sliced salad, banana flower (sliced small and thinly)


Step 1: Marinate chicken with salt, sugar, pepper, fish sauce, sliced purple onion, chili powder. Mix well and wait for 1 night.

Quảng Noodle Soup with Chicken (Mì Quảng Gà)

Step 2: Heat the oil, fry chives until it is fragrant. Next, add chicken into pot, fry quickly in 5 minutes. Here is the first step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Noodle Recipes.

Step 3: Add chicken broth and cool until it boils. Use spoon to scoop the dirty bubbles on top. Smash lemongrass and put into pot with boiled eggs. Cook more 10 minutes. When chicken and eggs are absorbed spices, season again and add more cashew color, turn off the heat.

Quảng Noodle Soup with Chicken (Mì Quảng Gà)

Finally, you can serve it for your family meal. Eating when it is hot with chili powder, grilled sesame cracker and veggie like I told above is so good. Why don’t we try cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Noodle Recipes right now?
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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