If you are a vegetarian, Sour Mushrooms Soup (Canh Chua Nấm) which comes from many stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian is a great choice today. All ingredients on this dish like mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes, dọc mùng; coriander will create a beautiful song for your family meal. My mom usually chooses to cook this soup for the first day of lunar calendar. Moreover, it is really good for health because all ingredients are vegetables.
When you are ready to cooking one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, please follow our instructions below carefully. I bet you will not regret about this decision. Let us start cooking right now.


200g winter mushrooms/straw mushrooms
1 slice pineapple (100 – 150g)
1 tomato
50g Dọc Mùng – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
Spring onion, Asian coriander, purple onion
Salt, pepper, sugar, vegetarian broth mix.


Step 1: Cut off the roots of mushrooms. Clean and soak into water added a little salt in 15 minutes. Then, clean again in fresh water and wait to get dry.

Step 2: Clean tomato, slice fiber. Peel off the cover of Dọc Mùng, slice into short pieces. Press gently Dọc Mùng with a little salt and clean again carefully.
Step 3: Clean spring onion, Asian coriander and slice small.
Step 4: Cut off the eyes of pineapple, clean and slice into medium pieces.
Step 5: Heat the oil (2 – 3 teaspoons), add minced purple onion and fry until it is fragrant. Next, add more sliced tomatoes into pot and fry in 2 – 3 minutes. Then, pour more sliced pineapple and fry together.
Step 6: Pour 3 – 4 bowls water into pot. Cook to boil. Here is the first step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian.
Step 7: Cook about 8 – 10 minutes and add more mushrooms into pot. Season to suit your flavor.
Step 8: Then, add more sliced Dọc Mùng and wait until it is cooked.
Step 9: Add sliced spring onion and coriander into pot. Turn off the heat.
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Eating with boiled rice is usual way of Vietnamese people. I suggest you should eat when it is hot. This soup is not only easy for cooking, but also really tasty and healthy. Hope you love it and do not miss our other amazing Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian next time. Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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