In this 15th of this month in Lunar Calendar, you should cook Fried Cabbage with Tofu and Mushrooms (Bắp Cải Xào Thập Cẩm) for your family. Here is one of amazing Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian on these days. It is not only delicious, but also really fresh. Made from all vegetables and fruits, it can help you feel better. You also can apply this dish for your daily diet list. I bet it really works.
Together create something delicious from many Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian for your family is a best way to show how much you care and love them. When you are ready, please follow carefully our instructions below and let us start cooking right now.


¼ Cabbage
1 slice of fried tofu (100gr)
200gr mushrooms (straw mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms is all good)
A little coriander
Soya sauce, salt and Vegetarian Maggi’s stuff.


Step 1: Clean cabbage, slice small.

Step 2: Cut off the roots of mushrooms, clean with water added a little salt. Clean coriander and slice small.
Step 3: Slice fried tofu into small and long pieces.
Step 4: Heat the oil, and fry tofu in 2 – 3 minutes. Then add a little soya sauce into pan. With many Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, we usually use soya sauce instead of fish sauce.
Step 5: Next, add more sliced cabbage and mushrooms into pan and fry until they are soft. Season to suit your flavor with sugar, salt and pepper.
Step 6: Add more sliced coriander and stir well in 2 minutes. Turn off the heat.
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. As I told you before, this dish is more delicious when eating with boiled rice. Hope you will choose to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian for day 15th of this month for Lunar New Year. Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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