Mushroom Porridge is one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. As you may know, winter is coming, the weather is gradually colder, and it’s the best choice when eat a bowl of mushroom porridge. Mushroom is a nutrition food, you can replace mushroom for meat, if you want to eat vegetarian foods, therefore mushroom porridge is almost used in full moon, and Buddhist days.
Are you ready to cook? Let us greeting winter with a bowl of one of delicious Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian by following our instruction now.

¼ can of rice
150g mushrooms
1 bunch of Wheat Gluten (Mi Cang)
2 pieces of fried tofu
Pepper, salt, sugar, MSG, soy sauce, cooking oil, cilantro
50g shallot
½ kg cassava cooked.

*** Step 1: Preparation.

- Rice: washed, drained. Fried rice with slightly golden brown.
- Mushrooms: whittled, washed with water with a pinch of salt, split mushrooms in pair and drained them.
- Tofu: cut in thin pieces.
- Wheat Gluten: slice thinly slanted, frying with fresh litter, and then chopped them in small pieces, seasoning pepper + sauce + powder to suit your taste.
- Shallot: peel off the cloves, chopped thinly small.
- Fried mushrooms: cook hot oil, fry fresh litter and mushrooms together, seasoning pepper + sauce + MSG to suit your taste.

*** Step 2:  How to cook porridge (this step is very important for creating one of delicious Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian).

- Add broth to the rice, cooked into porridge. When porridge cooked, add mushrooms, and then seasoning salt + pepper + MSG to suit your taste. Finally, add tofu into porridge and turn off the stove.
Step 3: Perform.

- Ladle soup into bowl, add thick bean curd sheet on bowl, sprinkle pepper + coriander for fragrant. It’s more delicious when use hot porridge bowl.

To sum up, you finished one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. Use mushroom porridge when the weather is cold, it’s good for your health as well as your family. Good luck to you.

From VietnameseFood Team

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