Fried tofu with chili and lemongrass is considering the most popular Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, because people in Vietnam also use this when they want to eat vegetarian food, or use this dish in daily meal.
When eating Fried tofu with chili and lemongrass, you will feel crispy outside and soft inside, along with the smell of chili and lemongrass. Therefore, this dish has become one of delicious Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian for many people. Moreover, it is also the quick and rich protein food for daily meals.

3 pieces of young tofu
2 tablespoons lemon grass
1 chili
100g peanuts
Salt, sugar, MSG, cooking oil, seasoning.


*** Preparation

Step 1

Young Tofu: Mix ½ liter of cold water with 3 teaspoons salt, soak the tofu to 1 hour for eating, take out and drain.
Cut the tofu in half, use knife departed striped along the piece of tofu for absorb spices.
Lemongrass chili: chopped

Peanuts: roasted with salt until golden brown, peeled the cover of peanuts.

Marinate tofu: mixed lemongrass + pepper + 1 pinch of salt + 1 little sugar + ½ teaspoon MSG and seasonings, mixture them into the tofu pieces (dimensions cut, marinated wealth for all). Wait for 1 hour for tofu absorbed spices (more time more delicious). I suggest that you have to notice this step to create one of stunning Vietnamese recipes vegetarian for your family and friends.

 *** Cooking

Step 2: Fried tofu
Add oil in pan and cook until hot, then add marinated tofu in hot oil, fried tofu on weak fire, tofu  are golden brown in 2 side is ok, take out and drain tofu without oil.

Step 3: How to use
Add tofu on dish, sprinkle peanuts for fragrant and delicious. This dish is served with steamed rice and it will create an amazing flavor for you.

Fried tofu with chili and lemongrass is also the best choice from Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian in full moon and Buddhist day. Hope you will create a stunning vegetarian meal for yourself and family. Do not skip our posts next time. Good luck to you.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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