When talk about Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, you will think of Vegetarian rice vermicelli soup immediately (Bun rieu chay). The combination of simplicity and harmony of tomatoes, fried tofu, mushrooms, soup, fresh noodles, spinach, vegetables, and a little vegetarian dipping sauce flavor that will make you not be ignored.
Vegetarian rice vermicelli soup is also the most well-known Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. People also use this dish on full moon or Buddhist days. We can realize some similarity between crab rice vermicelli soup and vegetarian rice vermicelli soup. The main different is paddy crabs, and with vegetarian dish, we replace this by tofu. Another different is sausage, with vegetarian dish, so we replace this by vegetarian sausage.

Let’s cook this amazing dish for your family. Follow us now


- Tomatoes
- Tofu
- Mushrooms
-Vegetarian sausage
- Vegetable and banana flowers, bean sprouts, scallions, and annatto seeds.
- Rice vermicelli, spices, seasoning, and vinegar and vegetarian sauce.


Step 1: Making broth.

Main ingredients for this recipe.
- Cook the broth include: tomato, taste the broth sweet, and salty to suit your taste. Add some vegetarian sauce to help the broth fragrant and sourer than with vinegar.
- Fried annatto seeds to make the color of the broth
- Diced tofu, and fried them until golden brown
- Fried Mushrooms to fragrant
- Sliced vegetarian sausage in some parts
Step 2: Make paddy tofu, main step to create one of stunning Vietnamese recipes vegetarain.

Broke fresh tofu into medium pieces, boil simmer for about 10 - 15 minutes or more, then use the courts, take out, drain them without water.

Fried onion, drain the tofu are hung on and throw in a little soy sauce, seasoning salt, sugar and vinegar , fried until looked like paddy crab then add cilantro, and fried until fragrant.

Step 3

- Add tofu, mushrooms, paddy tofu and chopped scallions on the broth. Simmer them for 5-7 minutes.

Finally, you can serve this amazing dish with fresh vegetables and rice vermicelli. It’s more delicious when eat in hot. Hope you have a meaningful vegetarian meal with your family from our Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. Good luck to you.

From Vietnamese Food Team


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    HeLin 2015-02-24 13:58:49 Reply

    Hi Christina,The 101cookbooks site is full of really great reiceps, hope your roasted butternut squash salad come out yummy! Hi Jewel,Thanks for the blog suggestion, I'll check it out!

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    Leonardo 2015-02-24 20:05:14 Reply

    My intention is the eioghftld path. the problem is my family is fine with being vegetarian except for my brother and my grandpa. Besides tofu, where else can I find a high source of protein, and any type of vitamin or anything that i need to function

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    Abran 2015-02-25 11:03:56 Reply

    hello,i found this website quiet by acdnceit, and saw the selection . its quiet useful and i wish that i had access to this info when i was in US. i follow a strict Jain diet and had lots of fun using the old method of finding edible Jain food in Flo

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