Sour soup vegetarian is the most popular soup of Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. This dish is often used in hot regions such as the South, Central, or the heat of summer, northern Vietnam. This Sour soup vegetarian is particularly popular in Vietnam cuisine.
The raw materials for one of amazingVietnamese Recipes Vegetarian always have sour flavor of tamarind, or you can see it as a form of spices, very diverse, including fruits and vegetables containing sour flavor or other fermented foods.


- 1 piece of tofu
- Bit of fried onion
- A little chopped chili
- 1 bunch cilantro
- 5 okras
- Some Vegetarian shrimp
- Some bean sprouts
- 1 large tomato
- About half a cup chopped pineapple
- About 2 cups mint
- 1 tablespoon tamarind pulp
- 2 tablespoon sugar alum
- 2 teaspoons mushroom powder
- 2 cups fresh coconut water or cold water.

- Prepare these materials available on 1 side.

Step1:  Boil 2 cups coconut milk or water in pot.
Step 2: You can slowly add pineapple (9), sugar candy (12), tamarind pulp (11), seasoning into the pot.
- Then you add okra (5) and vegetarian shrimp (6) and then boil them. This is also the most important step, so you must be careful to make this dish, one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian; more delicious.

Step 3: Then turn off the ignition and add tofu (1), bean sprouts (7), mint (10), and tomatoes (8) into the pot.
Finally, to finish one of stunning Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, ladle soup into the bowl, and presented the cilantro (4), peppers (3) and fried onion (2) on the sour soup. You can eat with boiled rice bowl. Hope you like this dish and tell me your questions if you have any problems with it. Good Luck to you.
From Vietnamese Food Team

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