Vegetarian fresh spring roll is a delicious distinctive cuisine of Vietnam. Today, Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian would like invite you to try a new variation of salad dishes using completely vegetarian ingredients to create the absolute delicious food for those who in Buddha religion.
To cook one of interesting Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, you must prepare these ingredients below:


- 100g peanuts
- 1 teaspoon sesame oil
- 2-3 cloves of garlic.
- 1 fresh chili.
- 250 ml of water
- 80ml coconut milk
- 2 cover beans.
- 100g of fresh mushrooms
- 1 carrot.
- A bit of fresh noodles/vermicelli.
- 8-10 the rice papers to roll the filling (about 20-22cm).
- 1 lettuce plants.
- ½ bunch of mint vegetables.

Step 1: Vegetables (lettuce, mint) picked up, washed, let it drain.

- Fresh chili seeded and finely chopped.
- Chop peanuts to puree mixture (if necessary add a little sesame oil for easier grinding).
- Put the oil in the pan, heat, add garlic and fry chili.
Step 2: This is the most necessary step of this dish, one of stunning  Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian.

- Add peanut chopped, water, coconut milk and oyster sauce on pan.  Boil then from lower to small heat, simmer about 2 minutes, stirring until sauce is slightly thick and color is dark brown, turn off the stove. Let it cool.
- Tofu cut into pieces approximately ½ lengths of the beans, about 5-7mm.
- Put the oil in pan, add the tofu and fried to golden brown.
-Wash Mushrooms, and then fried them.
- Carrots cut into fibroblasts, crush with a little salt to eat raw or fried.
Step 3: Spread each rice paper or cutting board, a little vinegar water on rice paper. In turn put noodles, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce, and mint vegetables on rice. Roll rice paper with these ingredients.
Finally , to serve one of amazing Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, Vegetarian Fresh Spring Rolls; you can use with  little peanuts which are roasted, crushed, sprinkled into the dipping sauce for Vietnamese dipping spring rolls and enjoy.  So, good luck with your cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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