In addition to providing the body with vitamins and minerals, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, star gooseberry leaves contain a significant amount of protein.

Benefits and amazing drug prescriptions from Star Gooseberry leaves
Moreover, it is commonly used as main ingredient for many recipes listed on our list of Best Vietnamese Food.

1. Prevent Constipation:

Star gooseberry leaves are very healthy, especially for women; the fiber content should effectively prevent constipation disease. Postpartum women are recommended to eat star gooseberry to compensate lost body fluids and blood at birth.

2. Detoxify and release body heat:

It is used to reduce fever and cough. You can use fresh star gooseberry leaves for making juice or look for Vietnamese Katok Soup with Shrimp and Pork recipe – one of Best Vietnamese Food on our website.

3. Lower blood pressure:

In star gooseberry leaves contain papaverin, this substance can cause vasodilatation effect, anti-smooth muscle spasm. So effective to reduce blood pressure effectively. This remedy can be applied to both high cholesterol (atherosclerosis), stroke due to cerebral embolism, thrombosis.

Benefits and amazing drug prescriptions from Star Gooseberry leaves

4. Treatment of diabetes:

The diabetes can only eat a little bit of riceso that glucose - blood does not increase after a meal. Star gooseberry leaves have inulin which helps to slow the absorption of sugar (sugar and rice are fast sugar). On the other hand, the ability of heat generation of inulin is only one ninth compared to fat.

Benefits and amazing drug prescriptions from Star Gooseberry leaves

5. Treatment of Sweats & Constipation in children:

Get 30g of star gooseberry leaves, 30g of billberry, 1 pig kidney to make soup for the children. This is not only a good dish – listed in Best Vietnamese Food– but also have healing effects. It stimulates appetite and prevent anorexia.

7. Treatment of furry tongue:

10g of fresh star gooseberry leave, wash it, then minced it to get its juice. Use soft gauze to absorb its juice then apply on the tongue, continue applying until your tongue is no longer furry.

Benefits and amazing drug prescriptions from Star Gooseberry leaves

8. Bedwetting in children:

40g of clean star gooseberry leaves, minced, then pour a little bit of boiled water in. Let it cool off then stir it gently. Filtering the mixture to get its liquid. The liquid is divided in two times, each time consuming should be separated by at least 10 minutes.

9. Treatment of pinkeye & aching:

50g of star gooseberry leaves, 30g of cỏxước roots (rễcỏxước), 30g of strawberry leaves, 30g of bamboo leaves, 30g of pennywort and 10g of lemon leaves.

Benefits and amazing drug prescriptions from Star Gooseberry leaves

All of the above must be fresh, grind to get the juice then filter to drink the remaining liquid. You can drink it many times in day.

10. Skin melasma treatment:

After cleaning star gooseberry leaves, put it in the grinder to get its juice every day. Another way is that you can minced the leaves with a bit of sugar, then apply it on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes then wash with cold water. If you can do it regularly, you may be surprised with the result.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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