I just know Mixture Milkt with Lemon (Sữa Đá Chanh) which comes from many popular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. My brother backed home and made this drink for himself. I was curious and asked him why he added more lemon juice into milk; is it really good? He gave me one spoon and I have to admit that I want to make it for myself immediately. It is really tasty and fresh.
In hot days, enjoy it and you will feel better. Moreover, this drink is not only delicious, but also really healthy. Milk and lemon when they are combined will give many benefits for skin. Enjoy one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this one every single day will help you own a stunning skin. One glass for each day is perfect. Now, let us together start making it right now.


Condensed milk (you can use yogurt instead)
Lemon juice
Grinded ice.


Step 1: Pour condensed milk into glass. Add more a little hot water and stir well.

Step 2: Cut lemon in half and press to get water from it. Do not use its seeds.
Step 3: Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this one. Add slowly lemon juice into mixture of milk in step 1. Stir well. Next, add more grinded ice, mix well and use it immediately.
To sum up, you are enjoying one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes with us. How do you feel? It is not only easy, but also really delicious, right? Make it in dessert meal for all members in family and I bet they will totally fall in love with it. Hope you have a good appetite and Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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