In these first days of New Year, we still want to eat something can bring the flavor of New Year, New Beginning for ourselves. Cupcakes Chocolate (Cupcakes Sô cô la) is a good choice for who loves sweet and eating them. Here is also one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. It is the great combination between the sweetness of butter cream and a little bitter from chocolate which is perfect in the family party of New Year.
Chocolate Cupcakes (Cupcakes Sô cô la)
Now, are you ready to make one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes with us? It is not difficult as you thought. All it requires is a little basic cooking skills. If you do want, please follow creafully our instructions below and let us start cooking right now.


100gr wheat flour
30gr cacao flour
120ml hot water
50gr butter (no salt)
60gr white sugar
1 egg
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon blooming flour
1 vanilla tube (5gr)
*** For Butter Cream: 80gr butter (no salt) + 30ml fresh milk/condensed milk + 30gr white sugar + foody color (blue or red or any color you want).


Step 1: Filter wheat flour carefully. Mix it with salt, blooming flour together.

Step 2: Pour cacao  flour into bowl, add hot water and stir well.
Step 3: Melt butter, then add white sugar, use mixer to mix well. Next, add 1 egg and continue to mix until this mixture becomes smooth.
Step 4: Next, pour more wheat flour ( in step 1) into bowl (in step 3), continue to use mixer to mix more 1 minute.
Step 5: Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Pour slowly mixture cacao (in step 2) in mixture (in step 4). Use wood spoon to stir well.
Step 6: Use spoon to scoop mixture flour (in step 5) into moulds added paper in bottom. Bring to grill at 170 degree in 15 – 20 minutes.
Step 7: when cakes are cooked, bring out and wait to get cool.

Step 8: Making butter cream: Melt butter, add it into bowl. Add more sugar and use mixer to mix it well.

Step 9: Pour condensed milk into melted butter (in step 8), continue use mixrer to mix until it becomes soft and smooth. Then, add some drops of foody color and stir well.
Step 10: Add butter cream (in step 9) into nylon bag. When cakes are not hot anymore, decorate butter cream on face. Add more lovely stuffs you want around cream.
Finally, your cupcakes are ready to serve. I bet your kids will fall in love with them. Hope these cupcakes can make your first days in New Year more colorful and happy. Enjoy your last days of holiday with family and friends. Do not miss our other amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes next time. Good Luck for your cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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