Fried Vegetarian Rice vermicelli is one of popular Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, and it is an excellent choice to eat on Buddhist day or for those who are in Buddha religion. This dish only fried vegetable with rice vermicelli and use with vegetarian dipping sauce.
This is a gentle vegetarian dish, and especially you can eat it a lot, but without worry of fatness because of the ingredients just include vegetables. Moreover, most Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian is really good for health and skin. Because most ingredients in one recipe is vegetable.


Rice vermicelli soaked in cold water until hatching
Wash and fibroblasts 1 carrot.
Wash fresh vegetables and then slice as pieces.
100g French beans, washed, stripped fiber, smooth as fibroblasts
100g cabbage, slide as fibroblasts
100g bean sprouts rinse and drain.
Use soy sauce, seasoning

Step 1: Rice vermicelli soaks for a few hours to soak and soft enough. This is the most important step. Because if rice vermicelli is not soft, it will affect the quality of this dish. Be careful.
Step 2: Heat oil, fry carrots states for 1 minute. Fried cabbage and French beans together, add some seasoning on them. After that, fry vegetables and then pour into the bowl. If you want to keep the green of vegetable, you can pour them into cold water after you fry. If you want to create a stunning dish from Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, I advise you make this step.
Heat oil, fry carrots states for 1 minute
Fried cabbage and French beans together, add some seasoning on them.
Step 3: Put the pan back to the stove, add little oil and then fried rice vermicelli. Add a little seasoning. When rice vermicelli is soft, and then adds fried vegetables on it. Stir, add seasonings until suit your taste, you can add a little soy sauce to have better color.
Step 4: Add sprouts. Fried for about 2 minutes then turns off the stove. Ladle them on dish; add little coriander for good flavor. When eating, you can add more soy sauce. (The process to make Vietnamese Dipping Soy Sauce).
Like other Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, Fried Vegetarian rice vermicelli also serves with soy sauce or it is better to serve with vegetarian dipping sauce. Vietnamese always add some roasted peanuts on this dish to have the best flavor. Wish you have a good meal!

From Vietnamese Food Team

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    Open 2015-02-24 13:56:15 Reply

    What a beautiful pitrcue of a vibrant salad! It looks absolutely delicious. It is a shame that we are on opposite seasons because this looks like a great summer salad I will just have to wait 6 months!

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    Boin 2015-02-24 20:05:14 Reply

    I'm sure the place in Kingston does not compare to any place in S. Korea where you get the real deal! I've been there a cpoule times and had the pad thai there. That is what got me motivated to make it at home.

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