Green Papaya Salad with Beef Jerky (Goi Du Du Kho Bo) is one of amazing Vietnamese Salad Recipes. With Vietnamese, this dish is absolutely popular for who like street food, because you can be easy to find this dish from the hawkers on the vendor or on the street.
Therefore, today I would like to show you how to make one of amazing Vietnamese Salad recipes. It is easy to make and suitable for who wants a wonderful dish on the weekend or a cool afternoon with friend or their family. So, are you ready for cooking? Please follow our instructions carefully below:
Step 1: Make Beef Jerky.
- 500 gram of beef, cut beef 5 cm thick
- 2 cups of soy sauce
- 2 leeks, peeled
- 1 cup of sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon five spices flavor
- 1 bunch lemongrass
- 1-tablespoon chili pieces
- 1 tablespoon roasted sesame
All spices except sesame and pepper add into a blender puree and marinated about 3 hours to infuse. Spread on foil-covered baking in the oven about 250 degrees for about 4 hours, every hour stir beef once until the meat dry out. After the oven is turned off, mixed with chili strips and sesame. When you done all, smooth beef dry as fibers.
I suggest that if you want to make one of amazing Vietnamese Salad Recipes like this dish more delicious, you must follow this step carefully.
Step 2: Make dipping sauce:
- 1 cup soy sauce
- 1 cup of vinegar
- 1 cup sugar
- 2 cups of cold water
- 1 leek, grinded well kneaded
- Some chili

Mix them together, stir well to dissolve sugar. When the flavor suit your taste, ladle them into bowl
Step 3: Presenting green Papaya salad with beef jerky.
-100gram beef liver, smoothed as fibers (you can buy it in the market)
-1 green papaya
-Beef dry fibers what you done already on step 1
-Dipping sauce
-Some Vietnamese mints.
Smoothed papaya as fiber, washed, squeeze dry and ladle into dish, add beef dry fibers and beef liver fibers on top of dish with Vietnamese mints, when you use, add dipping sauce and chili sauce on the dish. And now, you are ready to serve it for your family and friends. Moreover, you can make it before one day of picnic. Hope you like this recipe, and do not miss our next posts about Vietnamese Salad Recipes next time. Good Luck for your cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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