Hi everyone, today I will introduce the second dish from Vietnamese Soup Recipes, it is Artichoke flower with pork bone and Chinese apple soup. Artichoke flower can be cooked many artichoke dishes, especially artichoke flower use for  cooking artichoke soup, it is very tasty and good for your health, this soup will bring you a good liver and lungs, it is appropriate with the elderly or young children.
Artichoke Flower with Pork Bone and Chinese Apple Soup
It is quite easy to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Soup Recipes. There are only 2 steps for you, follow our instructions, you will have a wonderful dish for your beloved family. So let us make your weekend more meaningful and happy with this special soup.


2 artichokes flowers

300 g pig tail bone
200 g pork loin
6 Chinese apples
10g almonds
2 carrots.


Step 1: Preparation- To make one of delicious Vietnamese Soup Recipes like this dish more delicious, you should follow our instructions carefully.

- Artichoke flower chopped in 4 parts, washed, chopped pork bones, cut meat, Boil and clean pig and pork bones, cooking soup will be purer.

- Chinese apple cut, peel and slice carrots.

Step 2: Add over 2 liter of water into a pot to boil, and then cook the entire ingredients with small heat, tunnel for 1 hour, taste with salt and seasoning. It is more delicious when used in hot.

To sum up, you finished one of wonderful Vietnamese Soup Recipes. Ladle soup on bowl, it is really delicious and wonderful when use in hot. Serve this soup with steamed rice and some others Vietnamese Dish Recipes from our website. Is this recipe so hard for you? Can you do the entire steps we provide easily? If you have any comment of this dish, so let us know. Good luck for your cooking, and do not miss our recipes tomorrow. Wish you appetite with this soup.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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