According to the introduction of relatives living in Trang Bom District, Dong Nai, I and my few colleagues sought to Giang Dien Waterfall Eco Resort which is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations on one beautiful Sunday. The purpose of this trip is mainly to have fun, relax and explore the natural green space, trees. And especially be immersed and poetic cascade with the Giang Dien rustic name.
Previous Giang Dien Waterfall is a pristine land located in the quarry area. Due to the natural terrain, majestic, charming scenery and a rare natural waterfall where this investment soon become an eco-tourism area for the purpose of serving the needs fun, enjoy the many visitors. From Ho Chi Minh City to Giang Dien Waterfall, you need to take about an hour to run the motor. This is a favorable condition for those who want to make a little excursion on the weekends. Everyone is sure to Giang Dien Waterfall which is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations, merging with the natural greenery can make people feel relaxed, all the chaos, and worries in life suddenly vanish.
The first impression that caught our eyes is a stone path characteristic of the Roman arena led directly to the resort. Roadside trees rising glue shine shade. Only inside this resort, we realized how large it is. Nearly 100 acres of wild land after 10 years of renovation, Giang Dien waterfall becomes a pure eco-tourism, the most fertile and lively turn of Dong Nai Province. This indeed is a very innovative idea worthy of our praise. As a camping trip so we are free to do what you like. It's how comfortable mixing with green natural scenery, breathe the fresh air or listening to the birds chirping, listen to the melodious sound of the waterfall coming from somewhere very far. Feeling like we are lost in a jungle with numerous flowering period allergic draft vegetation next to an extremely rich and diverse. Due to do not have a tour guide, so we just go along paved roads. Looks like murmuring water sounded from the other direction, we guess that's the small stream leading from the falls. Not throwing sunny so we went together pull inversely to the stream to water, sightseeing and take photos of beautiful streams, water rushing the white roll. We rolled up pants to wade out some rocks sitting pose. It feels like fun, do not have to take on far away where a new plateau streams. Here the stream is still beautiful as always.
From many Vietnam Popular Destinations like this place, leaving the stream, we continue on a path paved with flat stones. After tens of minutes to walk around the whole leg fatigue, it is time people are looking for somewhere to relax and recharge energy. Cool house by the side of the road is not the most ideal time for a hearty lunch of the whole group. What is mineral water, bread, popcorn, sweet and sour fruit, ... Everything will be revealed filled out on the table and then everyone wear jewelry to food, clothing, telling stories, laughing sponsor tired.
After power has fully loaded, on each leg of a lull, our group stood up to go. The sun began to throw up, the breeze wind blow to relieve somewhat sultry levels; the noonday sun seems sparse and less stiff shielded by green trees. If not the cool foliage covered walkways sure we were soon exhausted after long-haul walking. Then we finally get to the falls the Giang Dien when the sun has pale, people are slaves tingle altogether wearing life jackets jumped into the cool stream. Watch out for rent life jackets here is somewhat more preferred due to the increasing demand for spring. Most visitors are focused on this, just enjoy the majestic beauty of the falls just unleash struggled under the water stream the white roll. Looks very attractive waterfalls, where it is pretty inferior to the waterfalls in the Central Highlands Da Lat. Popular waterfall rushing to join with guests playing the cross to create a featured remixes only in eco-tourism GiangDien Waterfall. And do not miss this rare happy occasion, our group who also equip yourself with a orange life jackets and then legs UM jumped into the water washed away all the hot, muggy weather season summer.
Very satisfied with what nature has given us, those who love nature, love of freedom and always want to explore new areas. Now Giang Dien waterfall has become a great place for people to go back to the true value of relaxation, so that we have the opportunity to mix with the natural scenery, enjoy a fully what is called fresh, cool and quiet. Come one of Vietnam Popular Destinations like GiangDien waterfall once it a try, then you will enjoy.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Rob Lock 2015-01-29 03:07:31 Reply

    This place is absolutely rubbish. What was a pristine nature area has been hog tied by a real estate developer. Security has no idea about public relations. From parking it is about a 2km walk to the falls. Defintely NOT a place to visit.

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