According to Ban Mê residents, Queen’s Orchid Leaf has a violet color and it has another name is Camel’s foot leaf (its scientific name is Bauhinia variegate belongs to Fabaceae’s style) is planted widely on the milpa. It is also a style of landscape tree in the park or on the sidewalk. However, the Ban Mê residents find a way to process this leaf and make it become one of Best Vietnamese Food.
Cooking this Best Vietnamese Food is quite simple. Firstly, you boil the fish or beef, pork in the hot water pot. When the water is boiled, you add the queen’s orchid leaf in the pot. This soup would be more fantastic if the ingredients are the Queen’s orchid leaf has a red tail and stream fish, forest chicken or duck, especially the yellow ants’ nest.
In someplace in Vietnam such as Sapa, people plant this leaf like other vegetables to cut the fresh one and bring them to sell at the supermarket. This Best Vietnamese Food occurs mostly on the SaPa‘s restaurants. It is so weird to say that this leaf belongs to Tây Nguyên. No matter this leaf come from where, people like eating this leaf due to its sour taste.
Besides of making food, this leaf is also useful for medicine. It contains a high calcium and Fe. So it is used for treating sick, reduce pains, stomachache and treating the wounds.
It is really fantastic, one leaf that can make one Best Vietnamese Food and also a useful medicine for treating sick. So, I think this leaf should be planted widely in the city. People can take them to cook and for treatment in terms of getting sick. Vietnam is very proud of having this leaf.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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