Today, I take one recipe from Easy Vietnamese Recipes to introduce to you. It is Vermicelli Salad with Tofu. It is also one of most popular street food in Vietnam. Most students uses this dish like their breakfast meals, including me. It is also easy to eat.
Vermicelli Salad with Tofu.
Moreover, you can make it at home. It just has 3 steps. You just need about 15 minute to follow the recipe; you will create one amazing dish from many Easy Vietnamese Recipes. However, you should ensure that follow careful all steps. Because if the steps are change or miss, the taste of the dish will be change.


- 50g Vermicelli
- 2 dried tofu
- 1/2Carrots
- 1 Onion
- 1 red chilli
- sliced coriander.

Hot sauce ingredients:

- 100 gr Sugar
- 1 Tablespoon of fish sauce
- Chopped chilli + minced garlic

*** Making Dipping Sauce: Mix fish sauce with sugar, water, chopped chilli and minced garlic. Season to suit with your flavor. Here is one of important steps to create any Easy Vietnamese Recipes.


Step 1: Soak the vermicelli into water about 10 minute. When the vermicelli becomes soft, bring the vermicelli out. Next, soak the vermicelli into boiling water.
Step 2: Slice dried tofu to small parts; thinly slice carrots, slice onion and red chilli. Then, mix them together.
Step 3: Add Vermicelli into dish. Then, add the mixture of tofu and vegetable on the top. Add the hot sauce into the dish. Now you can enjoy this dish. The combine between tofu and vegetable make the dish is delicious. Moreover, the sauce will help the dish more stunning.
Vermicelli Salad with Tofu
Finally, your dish is ready. All ingredients are suitable for vegetarian. If you need diet, Vermicelli Salad with Tofu is good choice. If you are not vegetarian, you can add dried rolling to the dish. Moreover, this dish can use in hot weather. This dish can help you reduce the hot. In addition, eat more vegetable will help you kept calm better than eat meat. Good Luck for your cooking and do not miss our next dishes about Easy Vietnamese Recipes next time. See you soon
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Osman 2015-02-25 02:00:32 Reply

    Kimmy, heh..heh..I think I have a bottle of DOM sormwheee in the house. I don't drink so now I can use it to steam fish. Looking forwards to your dishes using DOM. By the way, I tried your Mango Yogurt Souffle Cake last weekend and it was fantastic.

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    Isidro 2015-03-01 04:06:55 Reply

    Cool lassie and Pam, Thanks for stioppng by.Swee San, yes you are rightzurin, terima kasih2 stews, Thanks for stioppng, once you cooked, show us in your blog ya.Mary, wor, a pot of gold, you have nicely described this, thanks so much.Rachel, dont jus

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    Mahsa 2015-03-03 18:30:14 Reply

    Awwww....Sonia, you already make me miss home hanivg be back in Adelaide for just a week. My grandma used to cook this often during prayers and we would substitute half the coconut milk with evaporated milk just to make things healthier. And the grav

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    Kelson 2015-03-06 02:39:54 Reply

    thx your recipe, its rellay yummy! this is the first time i learn to cook for my family & friends, they all like it very is very easy to made me more confident ...try 3 times kids like to eat the curry with the steam

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