One of my favorite Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is Worm Jelly/Cendol with Mung Bean Sweet Soup (Chè Bánh Lọt Đậu Xanh). Its combination is really simple but will create a spectacular in your mouth when eating. In hot days, even I am at home or hang out with friends; I usually cook or order this dessert for myself. It is really fresh and amazing. Have you ever thought that you guys can combine grinded mung bean, cendol, water chestnut in tapioca pearl, basil seeds, coconut milk, sugar syrup together before?
Are you curious about one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this one? Are you ready to make it with us? When you do want, please follow my instruction below and let us start together right now.


Cendol: 300g rice flour, 50g tapioca starch, 1 bowl pandan leaves (the 1st water)
Sugar syrup: 1 bowl sugar, 1 bowl water
Coconut milk: 500g dried coconut meat, 1 liter warm water, 5g vanilla starch
100g mung bean (no cover)


Step 1: Mix tapioca starch and rice flour together. Separate into 2 equal parts. One part is mixed with pandan water (add 1 tablespoon water). The left part is mixed with water to have white cendol. Filter to eliminate impurities in these mixtures. Pour 2 mixtures into 2 different pot and cook in small heat. Stir until they become thick.

Step 2: Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Use a basket have many small holes on bottom. Put it in front of cold water (better is ice water). Pour one by one mixture into basket. Press firmly to create cendol. Their length depends on you. Soak cendol in cold water about 30 minutes.


Step 3: Making sugar syrup: Cook sugar and water until it is melted all.
Step 4: Making coconut milk: Pour warm water into dried coconut meat and mix well. Then, use your hand to press out all coconut water. Filter to throw away impurities. Bring to cook in small heat with a little tapioca starch until it become thick. Finally, turn off the heat and add more vanilla starch.
Step 5: Soak mung bean until it is soft. Bring to steam and grind well.

Finally, your dessert is basically finished. Add cendol into glass; add more grinded mung bean, sugar syrup and coconut milk. Mix well and add grinded ice before eating. If you love basil seeds or water chestnut in tapioca pearl, you can add them more to create one of special Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Hope you have a good appetite and Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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