Today, I ate Mixture Fruits and Yogurt on the vendor near my school. This dish is one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. As you may know, eating fruit will help you not only own a good healthy but also a beautiful skin, because fruit content much kind of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C…  and fiber. Moreover the mixture of fruits and yogurt is also the best combination that‘s totally good for everyone’s skin, and heath, because in the ingredients of yogurt also content yeast that is known as well for stomach.
Especially, CNN evaluate this dish is one of 40 best food in Vietnam, so excited, right? Just one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes can bring many benefits for your health as well as your family’s health. Why not following us to know how to make this? It’s very easy to make. Follow us and make it now.


3 kiwis
2 mangos
½ papayas
1 dragon
2 strawberries
Vinamilk yogurt.


Step 1:

- Cleans all the fruit you prepared (must wash fruits carefully to make Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dishmore delicious).
- Peel, and cut in small pieces with kiwi. Do similarly to mango, dragon fruit, and papaya.

- Remove strawberry leaves, cut in 4 pieces.

Step 2:

- Pour the yogurt into a bowl. Then add all kind of fruit into bowl, stir together with yogurt. And then ladle them in glass, use with ice.

*** Small tip: If you want to decorate, buying some cherries and decorate as above.

Finally, you finished one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for your friends and family.You can be easy to find the place selling this dish, on the vendor or you can make it at home, don’t lose many time to make it. Therefore let try this interesting and cool dish with your friend or your family now. Good luck to you.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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