Soft Purple Yam Cakes (Bánh Dẻo Khoai Lang Tím) which comes from many amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is not only delicious, but also is really eye-catching. The interesting flavor from rice flour and purplr yam cannot make you stop eating. If you want to create something new for your family dessert, I think here is a good decision.
Do you want to cook one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes with us right now? I bet you will not regret about your decision. When you do want to cook, please follow our instruction below and let us start cooking now.


2 – 3 purple yam fruits
80gr rice flour
30gr sticky rice flour
40gr sugar
2 tablespoons condensed milk
50gr grinded coconut meat.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of taro. Clean and slice into small cubes.

Step 2: Add sliced taro into pot, add more water (make sure it will cover the face of taro). Add more ½ teaspoon salt and cook until water nearly runs out and taro is soft. Turn off the heat. Use spoon to smash well taro. Wait to get cold.
Step 3: Mix sugar + rice flour + sticky rice flour + condensed milk together.
Step 4: Add more smashed taro in step 2 into mixture in step 3. Use spoon to mix well.
Step 5: Use your hands to roll into small balls.
Step 6: Add some banana leaves on the bottom of steaming pot. Spread a little vegetable oil on face of leaves. Put one by one taro balls on pot. Do not put so close cause it will blow when cooked. Cover the pot and cook in 15 – 20 minutes with medium heat. To create one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish, I suggest sometime you should open the lid and use towel to clean water on face of lid.
Step 7: After they are cooked, turn off the heat and roll through dried coconut meat.
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. You can use wood stick to pin taro balls when eating. It can make this dish is more interesting. If you have kids, I bet they will want you make it for them and bring to school for eating. Hope you love it and do not miss our other amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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