It has been quite a long time since my mom last made Taro Sweet Soup with Mung Bean (Chè Khoai Sọ với Đậu Xanh) and I am so excited to show you how to make one of our stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. In such a sunny day like any other March’s days, you would wish to have this dish after a long day working outside under the unbearable sun.
The taro is really buttery and when it is cooked with sweet, cool Mung Beans; it gives you such a refreshing feeling that make you forgot every harsh stuffs you’ve ever been during the day. This recipe has an interesting ingredient in which some previous Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, I have introduced you before. It is tapioca pearl which will bring to you something chewy and fun to enjoy.


500g of taro
½ bowl of Mung bean (its shells have been removed)
1 tablespoon of big tapioca pearls (you can buy it in supermarket)
Sugar (adjust as you wish)
150ml of canned coconut milk
1 tube of vanilla (5g).


Step 1: Soak the tapioca pearls in cold water in about an hour.
Step 2: Slice the taro shortly, soak in cold water with some salt so that the taro will be removed from its mucus, and wash it again.
Step 3: Wash the Mung beans, soak in warm water in 2 – 3 hours.
Step 4: Next, pour water in the Mung beans, boil it quickly until the Mung beans is soften but not crashed.
Step 5: Put the taro in a different pot, boil until the taro is really soften, then gradually add sugar and Mung beans in. If the taro is not soften yet when you add sugar in, it will make the taro becomes really tough. So in order to successfully make one of our delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, you need to remember that.
Step 6: Add the coconut milk in, boil with small heat; sometimes you can use the ladle to stir it gently.
Step 7: Take another stove, boil the water, add the tapioca pearls in and boil them until when you see those pearls floating on the water then it is cooked. Take it out in a cold water tray.
Step 8: After you adjusting the taste, pour the tapioca pearls into the sweet soup, use the ladle to stir them all. Then add a tube of vanilla in. Take the sweet soup out in bowls and put in the refrigerator.
Finally, you can serve the dish when it is cold. Even though this dessert – one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes – takes you several hours for preparation and cooking, it is still worthy. Now, what are you waiting for? I hope you can follow the instruction and make it for you and family and have a great time with this dish. Good luck for your cooking!

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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