Steamed Sticky Rice with Peanuts (Xôi Lạc) is a wonderful choice for a breakfast as people used to say “the more one chews groundnuts, the more buttery taste they have”. It is the peanuts that make this dish become one of our delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes. I remember when I was a child, in many gathering occasions of my extended family, this dish would always be prepared and put on the table where we use to pray to our ancestors. Hence, it has become part of my childhood and I hope you would have great time while preparing the dish.
Are you ready to make one of our delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes? Let’s follow the instruction below step by step and find out the result.


2 bowls of sticky rice
100g of peanuts (with raw shells)
2 coffee spoons of salt
1 coffee spoon of sugar (if you like it to be sweet)
***If you use dried peanuts, then remember to cook it thoroughly.


Step 1: Soak the sticky rice in cold water overnight; remember to add 1 coffee spoon of salt.

Step 2: Add the peanuts into the stove and cook it, pour water until the water level is over the peanuts. When it is cooked, add 1 coffee spoon of salt, remove the hard shells of the peanuts.

Step 3: The next day, you pour the sticky rice out and let it dry. Mix the peanuts with the sticky rice.
Step 4: We are now almost finish one of our Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Pour the sticky rice to the steamer, use the chopsticks to stir it sometimes. If you like it to be sweet, you can add 1 coffee spoon of sugar and mix them all up.
Step 5: If you want to add something more to the dish, you can roast some peanuts & sesame, mince it and sprinkle it on the sticky rice.

Now, the dish is ready to be served but remember it is best serve when it is still hot. Moreover, in case there are kids in your house right now, I bet they would love to try some, especially, for the girls; peanuts are really good to their hair. What are you waiting for? Get into the kitchen and make one of our stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes for your family & friends now. Best luck to your cooking!

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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