One of popular and tradition Vietnamese Dish Recipes comes from Quảng Nam city is Stewed Cow Spleen (Xách Bò Hầm). It is really suitable with your limited pocket. Moreover, all ingredients you need are also cheap.

Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Stewed Cow Spleen (Xách Bò Hầm)
Now, why don’t we try making one of amazing Vietnamese Dish Recipes like this one for your family meal in weekend? Serving with breads is my favorite choice. Let us start cooking right now.


400g cow spleen
1 teaspoon 5 flavors powder
2 lemongrass sticks
Salt, sugar, fish sauce, chili, spring onion, green pepper
White wine (made from rice), ginger.


Step 1: Clean well cow spleen. Scrape salt on skin of spleen. Wait for 10 – 15 minutes and then bring to wash again with cold water. Next, put it on bowl, add more white wine, sliced ginger and continue soaking in 10 minutes to reduce its smell and wash again carefully. Wait to get dry.

Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Step 2: Boil peanuts, peel off the cover. If you choose using dried peanuts, you should soak in water through one night before bringing to boil. Clean lemongrass, peel off the hash cover and chop into short pieces.
Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Step 3: Clean well green pepper, smash gently. Slice cow spleen into small cubes. Season with 5 flavors powder, green pepper, smashed garlic, 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, mix well and wait in 30 minutes. Here is the important step to create one of fantastic Vietnamese Dish Recipes.
Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Step 4: Heat the oil, add minced garlic and fry until it is fragrant. Add more sliced cow spleen and fry quickly in 5 minutes. Then, add more lemongrass, peanuts into pot and stew in 30 minutes. When stewing, if water near is run out, you can add more hot water.
Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Step 5: You can season again to fix your flavor. Continue stewing until cow spleen turns soft. Turn off the heat and ready to serve.
Stewed Cow Spleen Recipe (Xách Bò Hầm)
Finally, you finished one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Serving with steamed rice or bread is all delicious. How do you think? It is really interesting dish, right? Hope you will satisfy and Good Luck for your cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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