This week, I will introduce another stunning dish from many Vietnamese Dish Recipes. It is Vietnamese Salad with Muscle Beef. With this hot weather like this in Vietnam, I think this dish is the best choice for you and your family. It is better if you use it for Lunch or Dinner time. Moreover, this dish is a good way for who want to diet.
Vietnamese Salad wtih Muscle Beef
So, are you ready to cook this amazing dish? There are 5 steps to make this recipe. Moreover, all steps are easily. You just need about 30 minute to create one of Vietnamese Dish Recipes.


- Muscle beef
- Onion
- Yellow lemon
- 1 big chilli, lemongrass, sesame, roasted peanuts, ginger
- Sauce, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, coriander.


Step 1: Wash the muscle beef. Add more 1 teaspoon salt and chopped ginger into the saucepan. Cook muscle beef in 10 minutes. Next, thinly slice the muscle beef. Add the muscle beef into the dish.
Step 2: Wash the onion. Thinly slice the onion. Wash onion 3-4 times by water. Next, soak the onion into the mixture of water and vinegar. This step help the onion become brittle and remove the smell of onion. Wait about 10 minutes and bring the onion out. Add onion into a clear bowl. Mix the onion with sugar, salt, lemon juice. Then, Wash the big chilli. Wait until the chilli become dry. Mix the chilli with salt, sugar, lemon juice.
Step 3: With the yellow lemon, we get lemon juice. Then, we slice the cover of yellow to small parts. Chop the ginger.  Slice small lemongrass. Next, mix the cover of yellow lemon with chopped roasted peanut, chopped ginger, sliced lemongrass and sesame.
Step 4: Mix the sauce with sugar, salt, lemon juice, vinegar and the mixture of step 3 above. This sauce will make this dish  more delicious. One of ways to create many Vietnamese Dish Recipes is from this step.
Step 5: Mix the sliced muscle beef with sesame oil and the mixture sauce of step 4. Add the sliced big chilli and sliced onion into the dish of muscle beef. Mix them together. Organize roasted peanut, sesame and coriander on the top.
Finally, this dish is ready to serve. It is the combination between the taste of beef, the sour of lemon and brittle of onion and big chilli which make this dish become wonderful dish. Moreover, the beautiful colour will help you more satisfy when you enjoy the meal. And do not miss our next posts about Vietnamese Dish Recipes tomorrow. See you next time.  

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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