Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu) which came from many interesting Vietnamese Food Recipes is really suitable for your kids if they do not want to eat anything.

Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu)
Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers (Cơm Ba Màu)

With 3 different color layers of steamed rice, this dish is really eye-catching and look more delicious. Serving with vegetables, fried egg or fish is all satisfy with all kids even who is picky. Now, let us start cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes together ok?


100g green spinach
2 chicken eggs
200g salmon can
1 bag of sausage
1 carrot, 1 cucumber


Step 1: Clean rice in water from 2 – 3 times and bring to cook until it is cooked. Clean green spinach and slice into short pieces, bring to boil and mince well. Add egg into bowl, extra with salt and stir well. Heat the oil and fry egg, use chopsticks to stir well when frying. Open the can of salmon, mince fish meat (you only use its meat, do not use its sauce).

Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu)
Step 2: Scoop steamed rice into 3 different bowls. First bowl, mix rice with green spinach and a little salt, second bowl, you mix rice with egg and a little salt, third bowl, you mix rice with salmon. Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes, so you should season to suit your flavor.
Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu)
Step 3: Use rectangle pattern to create this dish. First, add first bowl of rice and use wood spoon to press firmly. Next, add second bowl of rice and also use wood spoon to press firmly again. Do the same process with third bowl of rice. I suggest you should make it when rice is still hot, it helps these layers stick together.
Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu)
Step 4: Slice sausage, cucumber, carrot into flower shape to decorate.

Finally, you already finished one of fantastic Vietnamese Food Recipes for your family, especially for your kids. Pull gently rice out of pattern; decorate on top with vegetables and sausage. Serving with ketchup or chili sauce is also delicious. Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.

Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers Recipe (Cơm Ba Màu)
Steamed Rice in 3 Color Layers (Cơm Ba Màu)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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