Today, I will introduce you one amazing dish from many stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes. It is called Stewed Beef with tomato, radish and lemongrass (Bo Kho). Vietnamese also use this dish for breakfast, they eat with noodles, bread or rice. From which any way, it also bring a delicious flavor in your mouth. I suggest you should eat when it is still hot.
Stewed Beed with Tomato, Radish and Lemongrass - Bo Kho
To cook this dish, you must spend a lot of time to stew beef, because it is more delicious when eating a soft beef than a hard beef. There are 3 steps to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. This instruction is not hard to do, but you must pay more attention, you can cook an amazing dish for your beloved family for breakfast.
Ingredients: (for 7-8 servings)
1kg of beef (delicious and more specifically meat encrusted)
30g powdered beef stew (you can buy it in Vietnam market)
Tomatoes special: 50-70g (tomato paste)
5-7 cloves of lemongrass
3 Siamese coconut fruits
1 Big garlic
Purple onion/shallot
1 small clove ginger
3 carrots, 1 large white radish (or 2 small bulbs)
Bean sprouts, herbs ...
Spices: sugar, salt, pepper, monosodium, chili ...
Corn starch
*** Prepare: 

Crush beef with salt, ginger wine. Then, washed, sliced ​​into pieces as you want
Clean, peel off the cover and cut White radish ​​carrots
Peeled ginger, and finely grinding
Mince garlic, leave 2 cloves garlic
Peel chopped purple onion
15g beef powder soaked with 1/2-cup water
Barrage lemongrass
*** Cooking:
Step1: I suggest you should do this step carefully to make one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes more delicious:
Marinate beef: 1.5 teaspoon powder, 1 teaspoon the salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 4 tablespoon oil 15g beef stew powder, marinated onion, garlic, and ginger chopped for 1 hour
Step2: Fry 2 minced cloves and lemongrass for fragrant, fried beef until cooked, poured cup of soaked powder beef stew, then fried until absorb beef.
Step3: Add Siamese coconut, tomato into pot boiled and skim off foam, covered them, until the meat is soft. Then, add coconut water, carrots, and radishes taste with 2 teaspoon seasonings, 2 teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoon sugar, when everything are soft, taste again to suit your flavor. Finally, add Corn starch mixed with the broth until thick enough.
To sum up, you have done this amazing dis already. It can be served with noodles or use with bread or hot rice is also very good. So, are you ready for cooking it with us? Hope you cook this dish successfully, and do not miss our next recipes about Vietnamese Food Recipes tomorrow. Good luck for your Cooking.
Stewed Beef with Tomato, Radish and Lemongrass - Bo Kho
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Joe 2015-02-24 20:02:45 Reply

    I love this because I Stock pile but it costs so much. Dehydrating is just piknicg up a few extra fruits or veggies that I would pick up anyways! It saves money and still allows me? to add to my food storage!

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