Today, my mom cooks Braised Mackerel Fish with Pineapple and Vermicelli (Bún Cá Thu Kho Dứa) for my family. This is one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes in our country. Moreover, it can help you eat easily In hot days. Mackerel contains many Vitamins, especially Vitamin E which is really necessary for eyes.
Braised Mackerel Fish with Pineapple and Vermicelli
So, are you ready to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this dish? If you want to cook, please follow our instructions below carefully.


2 sliced big mackerel (400 – 500gr)
1 sliced pineapple
Spices: salt, chili, fish sauce, ginger, garlic, pepper, sugar, chili powder.
Salad, vermicelli and spring onion.


Step 1: Clean fish carefully with water added a little salt. Wait to dry, then marinate with 1 teaspoon salt, wait about 30 minutes.

Step 2: Fry fish with oil until its faces turn yellow and crispy. Put it on plate which put paper napkin.
Step 3: Peel off the cover of ginger, garlic and chili, then mince them together.
Step 4: Slice pineapple into small pieces.
Step 5: Put fish in pot, add more sliced pineapple + minced ginger, garlic, chili + chili powder + 2 tablespoons fish sauce + 1 tablespoon sugar + pepper  + 1 teaspoon salt, cook with medium heat about 5 – 6 minutes. Then, add 1 bowl hot water into pot. Here is one important step to make one of Vietnamese Fish Recipes more delicious, please make sure you follow our instruction carefully.
Step 6: Continue cooking with small heat to make sure fish absorb all spices. When water is nearly out, add more hot water into pot. Cook about 30 minutes, then season to suit your flavor. Turn off the heat, add more sliced spring onion on face of dish.
Step 7: Clean salad. Soak vermicelli into hot water to clean about 5 – 6 minutes. Then, wash through cold water.
Finally, your dish is finished. When using, you add vermicelli into bowl, add more salad + braised fish, mix together. Hope you like this dish and do not miss our next dishes about Vietnamese Fish Recipes soon. Good Luck for your cooking.
Braised Mackerel Fish witn Pineapple and Vermicelli
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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