Next recipe of today is one amazing dish from many Vietnamese Fish Recipes. It is Fried Anchovy with Garlic and Chilli  (Ca Com Chien Toi Ot). This dish is really popular in Vietnam. You can eat with hot rice bowl. It will bring an amazing flavor for you, especially in cold days. Winter is coming soon, I think, here is the good choice for your family meals.
Fried Anchovy with Chili and Garlic - Ca Com Chien Toi Ot
This dish is not difficult for cooking as well. If you are ready for cooking, let follow our instructions carefully. There are 9 steps to create one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes.


- 400gr Anchovy Fish
- 1 Tablespoon of flour
- Garlic
- 2 Tablespoons of honey
- 1 Tablespoon of sauce
- 1 Teaspoon of chilli powder
- Salt, Oil

Step 1: Wash the anchovy. Remove the head and gut of anchovy. Wash them again. Put anchovy into a basket and wait until dry.
Step 2: Marinate the anchovy with 1 teaspoon of salt. Wait about 30 minutes. Then, cover the anchovy by flour.
Step 3: Add some oil into a pot. Heat the pot. When the oil is hot, add the anchovy into the pot. Fry the anchovy about 5 minutes. Then, put them out, wait about 3 - 5 minutes and fry again. From my cooking experiences, with this step, fried anchovy will more crispy and make this dish is more delicious. You should make the same step with any Vietnamese Fish Recipes (I mean which recipes require frying fish)
Step 4: Bring the anchovy out. Put it into a plate which lined paper towel. The oil will permeate into the paper towel. It will help to absorb all unnecessary oil.
Step 5: Remove the cover of garlic. Crush the garlic.
Step 6: Add the honey, sauce and chilli powder into a small bowl. Mix them together.
Step 7: Add 1 teaspoon of oil and crushed garlic into a pan. Dry the garlic.
Step 8: Slowly add the honey, water and sauce into the pan. Heat the pan.
Step 9: Add the dried anchovy into the pan. Mix the anchovy until mixture of sauce and honey cover all anchovy. Continue dry until the mixture of sauce and honey become dry. Turn off the stove. Now you can enjoy this dish.
Finally, it is ready to serve. This dish is really delicious and have a lot of protein for your body. Moreover, you can maintain this dish very easy by put it in closed jar or refrigerator. It will more delicious when using with hot rice bowl. Is it easy, right? Hope you like it and do not miss our next recipes about Vietnamese Fish Recipes next time. Good Luck for your cooking.  
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Hanni 2015-02-24 15:49:32 Reply

    I want this right now! Its making me hngruy. I usually always try to have olives and cheeses and crackers but not to make something specific. When I go to WFM I always grab a handful of small random cuts of cheese. quick cheese, crackers, olives,

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    Akhmad 2015-02-25 11:14:15 Reply

    Such beautiful words for your dthugaer to hear from a Mom. Having struggled in the past with disordered eating myself, I think all the time about how important it will be for my dthugaer (if I'm lucky enough to have a little girl one day) to know fro

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